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Join Chris Morocco as he makes Beef Wellington with green sauce. This sort-of-traditional approach to beef Wellington doesn’t shy away from using a wide range of umami-rich ingredients such as bacon, soy sauce, mustard, and maitake mushrooms to create tons of flavor. A lighter sauce packed with herbs and a few anchovies balances out the heavy dish and brings old-school beef Wellington into the modern era.
Check out the recipe here:

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Chris Makes Beef Wellington | From the Home Kitchen | Bon Appétit

ALI Al-kuwari
ALI Al-kuwari 9 ditë më parë
There’s more blood here than game of thrones
tacet caritate
tacet caritate 21 ditë më parë
Oh my goose! It's very rare and oozing with bloody juices!
D Jaquith
D Jaquith 26 ditë më parë
115° F is way undercooked. No one in my family would eat it because nobody wants steak quasi tartar.
J B 26 ditë më parë
Why not let it rest? It’s bleeding out.
Antonio deCarmoducci
Antonio deCarmoducci 28 ditë më parë
Sam Parsons
Sam Parsons Muaj më parë
10:45 Chris: what I love about this sauce is that it takes zero time Me: well duh there’s only parsley and cilantro there is no thyme 🤣
Yang Cristina
Yang Cristina Muaj më parë
🤣🤣🤣🤣 made my day
Brian Luong
Brian Luong Muaj më parë
That is a giants sausage roll
Fly Fishing Like A Pro
Fly Fishing Like A Pro Muaj më parë
What happened to the post editing? No funny interjections, just random music... I still am secretly in love with Chris tho lol.
Patrick Gibbons
Patrick Gibbons Muaj më parë
The idea that eye round is in any way a good idea for this is absurd. Eye round is tough AND flavorless, it's the worst of both categories. It's for beef jerky or to throw away.
Justin Joseph
Justin Joseph Muaj më parë
I came to this channel because brad was on my recommended but now I love Chris !! BA still has a lot of room to grow!!!!
Emily Grace
Emily Grace Muaj më parë
LOL! What is this monk chef look all about...?
Jenn Jenn
Jenn Jenn Muaj më parë
I’ll pass🤍
pauline dunne
pauline dunne Muaj më parë
I’ve never had beef Wellington or Lobster Termador so I was very validated by this video.
Nicole Hughes
Nicole Hughes Muaj më parë
If I am allergic to mushroom, is there a good substitute I can use?
donlopeaguirre112 Muaj më parë
If that's a B+, Im dying to know what he thinks an A is !
Rebecca Grue
Rebecca Grue Muaj më parë
Where is the prosciutto?
aafster life
aafster life Muaj më parë
Too. Much. Blood.
David Lawson
David Lawson Muaj më parë
I did not realize Wellies involved so much mushroom.
Mira Lax
Mira Lax Muaj më parë
The meat is raw.
sid viscus
sid viscus Muaj më parë
i'm not sure about chefs who love anchovies. they taste like tuna that's been left on the counter for a week, but all these chefs who use them describe them like they're caviar.
Brian Muaj më parë
Surprised you didn’t you liver in the mushroom mix!
Kimberly Tousley
Kimberly Tousley Muaj më parë
omar escobar
omar escobar Muaj më parë
Gordon used plastic wrap to seal it so it would stay tight
sabrinalea08 h
sabrinalea08 h Muaj më parë
Without Chris or Brad this channel wouldn’t be relevant anymore.
Kirosoo Muaj më parë
Bright green sauce with Wellington, brilliant. Next time dump some octopus ink into Alfredo, you know, since you feel like it.
Patsy Kiniry
Patsy Kiniry Muaj më parë
lucky to say my dad makes this every year for christmas
oogenshnagen Muaj më parë
What kind of skillet is Chris using to sear the rolled filet mignon?
Tyler Murphy
Tyler Murphy Muaj më parë
This makes me so sad that I can't stand mushrooms
Yungbeck Muaj më parë
I brush my mushrooms, never wash!
Branden Jones
Branden Jones Muaj më parë
I think prosciutto was the only thing I would add here. Love the adjustment of the green sauce over reducing red wine and beef stock for 35min!!!!!
wbfaulk Muaj më parë
It's not an "em-kay four", it's a "Mark 4".
Dan Muaj më parë
Andy has a goal... To always watch him. Shouting, big arm movements... I never watch Andy
Jeremy Bergen
Jeremy Bergen Muaj më parë
Dated or not, I think it's Gordon Ramsay and internet videos that perpetuate the popularity of Beef Wellington. It's one of those recipes that feels fussy and feels like there is a right way and a wrong way, so it's a challenge to accomplish, much like how sourdough bread exploded in the last year.
Face Meat
Face Meat Muaj më parë
Chris said "like" 61 times.
Jacob Muaj më parë
mushrooms are 90% water and you are going to argue that rinsing them will ruin the dish? You should wash your mushrooms off. Even if it's just with a wet rag for whatever insane reason you want to believe moisture will introduce, because dirt will introduce a flavor you don't want, even if it's cooked sterile. And seriously, do some testing. Try cooking, in identical conditions washed wet and unwashed/brushed only mushrooms and see if you find a difference. Spoilers - you won't.
Merrick M
Merrick M Muaj më parë
To me beef Wellington equals Gordon Ramsay.
Chiara Ocampo
Chiara Ocampo Muaj më parë
Missed you
Vicente Martinez Jr
Vicente Martinez Jr Muaj më parë
glad I unfollowed and canceled my subscrition.
Marguarite Therese
Marguarite Therese Muaj më parë
I like to imagine that everyone who has seen Sabrina with Audrey Hepburn has mastered the one-handed egg crack...123, egg...123, egg...classic
Irongrind Muaj më parë
Can somebody update me on where can I watch the other old BA test kitchen members as well?
Irongrind Muaj më parë
I'm sorry. I sincerely don't know. That is why I'm asking. You don't have to be so hostile about it.
givememore4free Muaj më parë
I don't want to hear I just want an update. You already know that Claire has her own channel, and people just moved on. Don't pretend you don't know.
givememore4free Muaj më parë
STFU you know what happened. Stop trolling it's been 9 months and you know where everyone went.
Violet LOPEZ
Violet LOPEZ Muaj më parë
Looks delicious
Tristan Peterson
Tristan Peterson Muaj më parë
I would to love the option to make tis dish for people
Gus Chiggins
Gus Chiggins Muaj më parë
this is probably one of the worst wellington recipe videos on youtube
Katie Heckman
Katie Heckman Muaj më parë
We made this tonight and it was INCREDIBLE!!!!
ShadowJetX Muaj më parë
I have that same little ruler and I would swear my life by it. It's super awesome if you need a straight edge, it's small enough to not be unwieldy but big enough get the job down well with easy to read and accurate measurements. Fight me.
Naila Rae
Naila Rae Muaj më parë
Whats the best puff pastry brand to buy?
David Boettger
David Boettger Muaj më parë
Ethan Orians
Ethan Orians Muaj më parë
Okay im making this sauce.
Kerrien Muaj më parë
You guys HAVE to do a pastry chef attempts to make lofthouse sugar cookie” video!!!
iug khp9g
iug khp9g Muaj më parë
Claire quit over 6 months ago. That isn't gonna happen.
Faith Rich Fidler
Faith Rich Fidler Muaj më parë
I can watch Chris in the Kitchen any day. Make your favorites, make your kids' favorites, make your wife's favorites ... I don't care. Just keep cooking. ;)
Yummy Food Secrets
Yummy Food Secrets Muaj më parë
N R Muaj më parë
As much as I am disappointed that Brad stayed (and Chris, but idc bout him anyway), we also kind of have to consider that they have kids to feed and put to school. So yeah, having the security and benefits of working in Conde Nast keeps their minds at ease at least for the future of their family. I do hope they’ve reached out to those affected by “the issue” though and feel for them despite their choice to stay.
smn stv
smn stv Muaj më parë
Remember when it was provent that minorities were being payed less in the BA kitchen?
smn stv
smn stv Muaj më parë
@givememore4free i have other accounts?
givememore4free Muaj më parë
Remember last time you posted this on your other account?
Charlotte Muaj më parë
At least twice a year i get asked to make filet i 17 and only in my second year of learning how to cook? definitely
yachtguy513 Muaj më parë
What happened to the layer prosciutto
By Yıldız
By Yıldız Muaj më parë
Peter Langendorff
Peter Langendorff Muaj më parë
Beautifully executed, to be certain. But once you’ve had Beef Wellington prepared by skipping the duxelles and slathering the tenderloin in foie gras, you’ll never accept it any other way.
kenziwooo Muaj më parë
Mr. Pepper?! Excuse me, he is a DOCTOR
Maximiliano Pena
Maximiliano Pena Muaj më parë
Chris seems like the kind of guy who'd be using metric units when he cooks for himself
iug khp9g
iug khp9g Muaj më parë
So does any competent cook. Metric is used in professional kitchens, so it probably becomes a habit to anyone with even a tiny bit of experience in the field. Also, what is wrong with metric? It's just as easy as imperial if you have any experience with it at all.
Danny Klimt Art
Danny Klimt Art Muaj më parë
11:10 Me, when I'm drunk.
dbwinters Muaj më parë
Looks like YT is trying a new "commercial every 40 seconds" game here
kinda blue
kinda blue Muaj më parë
Sorry Chris, but I'm not gonna spend $70-100 on a Thermapen. I've been fine with my $5 version for the past 5 years. Yeah, it takes 5 seconds to read instead of 2. I can live with that.
London1869 Muaj më parë
A little fussy, you say? (Sarcasm font)
Vera Rose
Vera Rose Muaj më parë
Wash your mushrooms 😉
Galactic123 Muaj më parë
Thank god BA got rid of all the annoying troublemakers and kept the heart and soul of the kitchen, the white guys. White men are the best chefs in the world for a reason.
Rachel Guillermo
Rachel Guillermo Muaj më parë
Now you HAVE to make Lobster Thermidor, Chris 🤣
givememore4free Muaj më parë
You know he's just going to add something unnecessary to it 🤣
Omead Pooladzandi
Omead Pooladzandi Muaj më parë
Kenji Alt-Lopez tells me i can wash my mushrooms I still dont but like he said the washing mushrooms thing was a myth so i believe him
Omead Pooladzandi
Omead Pooladzandi Muaj më parë
great watch by Chris
bradrector Muaj më parë
what kind of spoon is he using at 3:30 ??
Rob Larssen
Rob Larssen Muaj më parë
“They really wanted to hire someone Black, which I know you’re not allowed to say legally, out loud,” she says. “And Chris Morocco directly told me he didn’t like how quickly I moved up, so he wanted to make sure this person would never be allowed to develop recipes.” As she puts it, management didn’t want another “Sohla problem.”
lency aguilar
lency aguilar Muaj më parë
Anyone gunna bring up the spoon
Cassandra Alperstein
Cassandra Alperstein Muaj më parë
Where is claire
Cassandra Alperstein
Cassandra Alperstein Muaj më parë
I would like her to try and make her own greek yogurt anything haha
Eddie Hates Everything
Eddie Hates Everything Muaj më parë
3:39 until this very moment, I had no idea half spoons existed.
Ismail M
Ismail M Muaj më parë
dePlant Muaj më parë
Look at the views. Brad’s videos get between x2 and x5 views compared to anyone else’s. What does this tell you? It tells you people watch Brad because they love Brad. They don’t necessarily watch for his recipes (which he forgets) or his kitchen skills. BA is like Xerox after they invented the mouse and user interface. “We don’t know what to do with this- nobody will want it” attitude. You have GOLD right in front of you. His fan base is CULTLIKE. Wake up!😀. It’s ALIVE!!!!
dePlant Muaj më parë
Chris is boring. Watching him without Brad is like watching The Office without Ricky Gervais. He is only interesting as “contrast”.
Colton Jones
Colton Jones Muaj më parë
Is that Nathan's mustard😂😂
Eliot Hochberg
Eliot Hochberg Muaj më parë
Two related ideas for series: 1) pick a recipe like this, and have chefs who have different types of cuisine specialties interpret it, i.e. what would a Mexican cuisine Wellington be? 2) Same idea, except what is already a part of different cuisines that’s similar? For instance, every cuisine has a filled dough entree, how ,any different kinds can you illuminate?
Alexander G Russo
Alexander G Russo Muaj më parë
Supporting the chefs, not the company
ARandomInternetGuy Muaj më parë
BA survived? TIL
Gabriel Martins
Gabriel Martins Muaj më parë
Don't wash your mushrooms: *peel them.* Removes the dirt, and the skin on button mushrooms can get tough when cooked. Shiitakes grow in bark, not dirt, so they don't need any special prep.
blank Muaj më parë
Gordon Ramsay would have had a FIT bc u put the beef in the fridge without the mustard on it...
Rebecca Hutchings
Rebecca Hutchings Muaj më parë
I thought beef Wellington was a fillet of beef surrounded by nuts. Would've been much better.
Tim Retter
Tim Retter Muaj më parë
redemption story
svsguru2000 Muaj më parë
I don't know why the age of a recipe is even an issue. I mean, bread is pretty old.
Vanessa DeWitt
Vanessa DeWitt Muaj më parë
I think of him every time I crack an egg one handed! 🤣
dgmoocher D r
dgmoocher D r Muaj më parë
I love making this. Great job! A classic is a classic.
AskMiko Muaj më parë
Often I subliminally channel the BA video calendar... EVERY TIME I ponder “when is the next video with Chris” a video appears! Thanks BA 😍
Michael Lindsay
Michael Lindsay Muaj më parë
The biggest tip I can give is to remove the mushroom gills and skin and hand chop.. fry in batches. Makes is so so so much better
Patrick S
Patrick S Muaj më parë
"What I love about his sauce is it takes zero thyme" What does he have against thyme?
Daulah Iftitah
Daulah Iftitah Muaj më parë
Please tell me you misheard it...
Amy Gooder
Amy Gooder Muaj më parë
Making puff pastry isn't that hard, it just takes time. I made it for the Wellingtons I made for Christmas and the flavor & flake was so much better than the store bought stuff near me... not that I could get any. No sheets available anywhere. So homemade it was and I'll never go back.
Philip Ferrato
Philip Ferrato Muaj më parë
So much wrong here. He should have watched the Gordon Ramsey video.
jfdd43 Muaj më parë
Chris buys a $600 knife then uses it as a bench scrapper! Common man, just lift the cutting board instead of dulling your knife, and walking around point out with a blade.
Diorjimin xo
Diorjimin xo Muaj më parë
I love Chris so much it’s actually not okay
TheJMSalinas Muaj më parë
He looks like a friar monk
givememore4free Muaj më parë
Daniel Edwards
Daniel Edwards Muaj më parë
I know making dishes affordable for people is important but I would NOT make this with an eye round you're better off with beef stew
Raptør Alpha
Raptør Alpha Muaj më parë
It was invented in the Wellington island in Kerala, India 😁
Richard Mcdonagh
Richard Mcdonagh Muaj më parë
For me, finer dice on mushrooms. Another layer inside, be it spinach, pancetta or crepe. Also 10 min rest obvs not enough, liquid all over the shop when u sliced into it. C+. Seemed a bit messy for chris tbh
Dionamuh Muaj më parë
Weef Bellington.
Eric Uyttebroeck
Eric Uyttebroeck Muaj më parë
Does anyone know which knives set he is using?
tranilator Muaj më parë
Could have rested it a bit more methinks.
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